Linking My Creative Mind to My Depression, Art and Depression

Ever since I was little I liked to create, no matter the medium, anything that triggered that part of my brain. I didn't know exactly what it was, creating gave me this good feeling, I loved the way i felt after making something. As I got older life took over, got married, had kids, got divorced and now married stay at home mom with a new baby. I have always longed to create, but with life and responsibilities i just couldn't seem to find the time to get stuck in that creative flow that I needed. Well my husband started this website and store.

As I started drawing and creating I noticed a change in myself, I struggle myself with depression and anxiety. I enjoyed getting caught up in my drawings, which in turn brightened up my mood. After a week of creating I began to expertise and motivate myself to do more and more. I found these results intriguing. For our website we needed a blog, at first I was nervous about writing in general, since I'm not very good at writing. I'm also a pretty private person i guess you would say, so putting myself out there causes some anxiety. But to improve myself I must take steps and if its uncomfortable it must be a step ing the right direction.

I did some research yesterday trying to figure out what I was going to blog about, I stumbled across some interesting articles on art and depression. Specifically creative minds effected by depression and how art can be used to work out the emotions or thoughts causing depression sufferers manic state. Mind explosions!!! I had been giving myself therapy years ago all along, but like any other suffer of depression I wasn't consistent with my meds and therapy allowing my manic state to spiral out of control. In these articles they named many famous artist who also suffered from depression and their art therapy creations are famous works of art. Artist like Poe, Hemingway, Keats, Gaugin, Dickens, Pollock and Michelangelo all Creative Geniuses who suffered from bouts of depression.

Charles Darwin even was a suffer of depression, from an evolutionary standpoint you would think that trait would have been weeded out but there are psychologist that have studied depression and see it in a positive light if managed correctly. They believe it to be an evolutionary tool for the creative brain. the creative brain tends to ruminate on things, like their day, a conversation or a situation. Tearing it apart trying to find a better solution or what they should have said or done differently. Ruminating tends to aggravate or amplify depression, especially since the brain tends to ruminate on pain and suffering the most. Thanks brain... A creative brain also has dreamer tendencies that doesn't help either, since our solutions to the problems we ruminate on tend to be unpractical or not feasible solutions which can fuel the depressed hopeless feeling. Sound bad and tortures right, and can completely be, medication can help but is just like a crappy bandaid on a bleeding wound. This is where Art comes to the rescue. 

Art can be used as a therapeutic release allowing the creative brain to release the emotions that keep us in this constant loop of disappear. Shelly Carson who studies Creative Psychology at Harvard, believes channeled right a depressed lows correlate to the highs. That the upswings after a creative slump produce immense amount of work. And if whatever caused the depressed mood can be shifted through and brought to a positive light can actually motivate the suffer even more. 

so in conclusion art can be a wonderful tool to work out emotions. You can create yourself out of the darkness. Its okay to feel and our brains are not broken, we just need to drain the monstrous thoughts and not be so hard on ourself. So give it a try create something, draw, write try some artful mediation class. Work out whatever is bothering that beautiful mind. 

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